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Lena Ropp, Inspiring to thrive on Raw Living Foods!
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Welcome to “SAVORY RAW” – your opportunity to learn to make delicious, satiating, super-nutritious and exclusively raw vegan oil free recipes and to experience the power and potential that eating an all-raw foods can bring.

Via this eBook you’ll have the opportunity to learn the variety of recipes of raw living cuisine so that you can get and enjoy the many benefits. 

Through this recipe eBook I want to show that creating raw & living foods is simple and it is not a restrictive or fad diet; instead it is a lifestyle that promotes eating an abundance of wholesome nourishing foods that we love and enjoy.

Within PureVeganFood: SAVORY RAW, you will find 50 of my favorite recipes, to create and enjoy. Learn a variety of recipes and use a range of wholesome ingredients to create delicious plant-based appetizers, gorgeous salads, incredible dressings, nourishing crackers, stunning wraps, delicious summer rolls, savory noodles, vibrant sushi rolls, creamy fettuccine, poke bowls, meatballs, green tacos, burgers, lasagna, rainbow pizza… and so on!

The possibilities that exist within the raw & living food lifestyle are boundless. Not to mention, all these foods taste incredible! They all are fresh, alive and nourishing.

Shifting your attention and becoming more aware of the food you placing in your body, adding more raw plant-based foods to your diet will immediately result in positive, noticeable outcomes.

What's in the book?

• 50 simple and easy to follow recipes

• All recipes are raw vegan and oil free

• Delicious, satiating and super-nutritious 

• Fresh, alive and nourishing

Have fun and enjoy every bite!

For more information or any questions, please contact me:


Tag me please when posting your creations on Instagram @pureveganfood #healthyinspiredbylena

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